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Unreal Tournament 4 - Server Controller Script and Guide

Last Updated: 2022-01-13

Described is a script which automates and simplifies much of the configuration, deployment, and management of an Unreal Tournament 4 server (HUB).

What it provides you is a simple project folder, with directories for maps, mutators, rulesets, and config files.
It then aims to script and automate:

  • Downloading the latest UT4 server build from Epic Games.
  • Installation of game configuration, maps, and mutators to 1-or-multiple server instances.
  • Automatic creation of redirect md5 hashes and upload to redirect server.
  • Rulesets can be individually managed through separate files.
  • The only thing that's left is for you to configure your gametypes, add some maps, mutators, and get to fraggin'!!!!


Usage instructions and documentation need much improvement still.

What You Need

  • A server* to host the instance and run the game server.
  • A redirect server to send custom content to players.
  • A good attitude: You're almost done. You need to edit the variables at the top of the script to point to the right directories and network paths so it knows what to do. After being configured correctly, it's easy to install and configure your hub(s).

*For best player experience, server and redirect should be distinct and have reserved internet capacity. However, you can technically run the server, the redirect, and even the game client on the same computer. The limitation is there will be major ping spikes if you download on the same connection. It's pretty easy to acquire these servers if you don't mind paying for it. An entry-level cloud server is $20/month.


More instructions coming soon.

Configuration (Specified in config.ini)

You need to configure the variables at the top of the script.

Filepath to the 'project' directory on your local machine.
One of 'http' or 'https' which will be put into the redirect references inside Game.ini
Domain name and path to the redirect webserver.
Destination server and path for the instance files.
Destination server and path for the redirect webserver files.

Usage Instructions

After that is configured correctly, here are the commands:

Delete the instance for rebuilding (this is safe).
Downloading the linux server release from Epic.
Install the maps, mutators, and config into the server build, on your LOCAL machine. This step also computes all the md5sums required for the RedirectLines.
Starts the server, restarting if it ever crashes.
Stops and kills all instances of the server.
Upload all PAKs to the redirect web server.
Upload the generated instance to the instance server for multiplayer hosting.