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App Skellington - Python Application Framework

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Current version: v.01


  • Pain-free multi-level command menu: Expose public class methods as commands available to user.
  • Simple to define services and automatic dependency injection based on name (with custom invocation as an option). *WIP
  • INI-style config and and validation (provided through ConfigObj).
  • Colored logging (provided through colorlog)
  • Works on Linux, Windows, and Mac.


  • Lend to creating beautiful, easy to read and understand code in the application.
  • Minimize coupling of applications to this framework.
  • Compatable with Linux, Windows, and Mac. Try to be compatible as possible otherwise.
  • Try to be compatible with alternate Python runtimes such as PyPy and older python environments. *WIP

Changelog and Current Status

Last release: July 20, 2020

Development is still active! Packing up everything for the next release.

Working on Features:

  • More complete parsing arguments from ENV variables
  • Cleaner and improved dependency injection
  • More safety around parsing config.ini
  • Alternative ways to build CommandMenu
  • Improved helpdoc and inline command documentation